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HIIT Challenge

At home workout routine, consisting of purely body weight exercises, to allow people to workout all in the comfort of their homes (or on the move!) . This workout regime is especially effective for those who can't attend the gym for various different reasons.

Purchase the HIIT challenge for only £10 and see great results, and changes to your body. You are also in with a chance of winning Cash prizes for the best result photos! (1st Prize £100 for the best results) other prizes include Food vouchers, free PT sessions, £25 cash, bottles of Prossecco etc.

How it works:

1) Take before photos; front, back and side
2) Complete and Follow the 6 Week challenge and diet plan
3) Take After photos; front, back and side, to compare results and be in with a chance of winning prizes

The plan consists of full body routines, a 6 week challenge, completing the workout 4 times a week. (15-20 minute workouts) Each week the routine changes to prevent the body getting used to the same exercises and preventing plateau. Constant changes to the routine shocks the muscles to gain faster results.

BUY NOW, ready to begin the July Challenge, commencing on Monday 3rd July 2017. Further info to be sent prior to the challenge start date, including Diet Plan, Workout Routine, along with Video links to follow a step by step demo to complete all workouts easier. This plan WILL work and can help you achieve your body goals, along with the chance of winning prizes as a bonus!

All the plans will be sent out Sunday 2nd July 2017

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