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September 10 week Challenge, pre Christmas workouts and diet plan.

This challenge allows you to follow a training and diet plan to be able to enjoy the festive period without feeling guilty!

The September 10 week challenge includes: A weigh in and measure, taking before photos to send in, 3 workouts, either home or gym, focusing on the full body.
1 group session weekly, at Horsforth school in the sports hall, Tuesday evenings 6-7 or outdoor on Thursday evenings 630 till 715 at Horsforth cricket club, brownberrie Lane. Both of these are based on mostly body weight exercises and fitness training, to allow maximum results through a tough workout!

Tuesday evening is primarily for the challenge however if you are unable to attend then the Thursday evening is an option.

This challenge lasts 10 weeks providing results and changes to your body. In doing so you will be able to relax over the Christmas period knowing you've worked hard and won't feel bad having a break and enjoying some good food and drink!

The challenge costs £40 for the first 20 people who sign up and £50 after that. So sign up quickly to receive the discount!
The people with the best results photos will receive the prizes;

1st prize: £100
2nd prize: A free personal training session
3rd prize: A bottle of Prosseco
4th prize: A bottle of Prosseco

Sign up today and get ready for your Pre Christmas training!


How it works;

1) Take before photos; front, back and side
2) Weigh in day and measurements with me
3) Complete and Follow the 10 Week challenge and diet plan
3) Take After photos; front, back and side, to compare results
4) Re Weigh and measurements
5) Best results/progress photos win £ prizes!

BUY NOW, ready to begin the September Challenge, commencing on Monday 12th September 2017. Further info to be sent prior to the challenge start date, including Diet Plan, Workout Routine, along with Video links to follow a step by step demo to complete all workouts easier. This plan WILL work and can help you achieve your body goals, along with the chance of winning prizes as a bonus!

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