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A 21 day Workout Plan, a different workout everyday! This will give you serious motivation to train every day!

Start Date: 3rd September

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This challenge gives you a structured plan every single day to follow to allow you to have a routine to stick to and be motivated. With the workout changing every day it allows your body to be shocked and prevents getting bored of the same workout.

The 21 Day challenge includes: 21 intense HOME workouts lasting between 12-20 minutes. Complete them inside or in Your garden!

Start by taking before photos to send in, workouts to be done at both home or the gym, focusing on the full body.
Both of these are based on body weight exercises and fitness training, to allow maximum results through a tough workout!

This challenge lasts 3 weeks providing results and changes to your body. In doing so you will be able to get a sense of routine and feel a part of a group with a facebook group being set up, in which each workout will be posted in every day! All the exercises used will be shown in a demo video at the beginning of the 21 days,

The challenge costs £10 to purchase and will really get you motivated to kickstart your calorie burning training!

Sign up today and give this a GO if you can Commit2TheFit!


How it works;

1) Sign up through this link
2)Take before photos; front, back and side & send them in
3) Complete and Follow the 21 Day challenge
3) Take After photos; front, back and side, to compare results send them in
4) Feel great that you stuck to the challenge

BUY NOW, ready to begin the 21 day Challenge, commencing on Monday 3rd September Further info to be sent the day before the challenge start date, Video links to follow a step by step demo to complete all workouts easier. This plan WILL work and can help you achieve results and kickstart the fat burning.