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Online monthly Training with The Yorkshire Fitness Coach.

How it works is:

Put your details In & sign up to be a member of the YFC #C2TF Online
Once this is completed you will be sent a questionnaire to fill out and send back to me over email. This is to determine your goals, and which type of specific training and meal ideas you require.
Once I receive this back, You will be put into a group with people that have the same goals as you, to enable you all to communicate as a group, to share workout questions, meal photos and help to motivate each other etc.
You will also be able to communicate 1-1 with me and ask any questions/queries you may have on any of the training plans, meal ideas, and any other queries.
You receive a new/different training plan with videos and photos to follow for each month along with meal/diet modifications dependant on your progress.
Each month you take progress photos, and we have a 1-1 monthly review to assess how it's going and set goals & discuss what we want to achieve in the near future.
The monthly cost of this YFC #C2TF Online is just ÂŁ16.99
This is simply paid through a link online, or you are able to set up a monthly standing order (I am also working on setting up a subscription service which will make it easier for everybody involved)
There are currently no contracts so if you wish to leave the Online training programme you can do so whenever you'd like to ( I would appreciate an email for this to give me a heads up)
This Online training programme is designed to give you: 👊🏻A structure, 👊🏻 An online personal trainer with 24/7 support 👊🏻 Personalised plans 👊🏻 Meal and diet 👊🏻 A sense of being in a team 👊🏻 Working together to meet goals AND MUCH MORE!

Together we can give you confidence in the gym, make changes and make goals happen.