Personal Training Portfolio

Name: Ollie Hardaker AKA The Yorkshire Fitness Coach

Education & Certification:

Active IQ level 2 Fitness instructor
Active IQ level 3 Personal Trainer
Level 1 Football Coach
Level 2 Cricket Coach
Outdoor Bootcamp Coach
Level 2 Emergency First aid
Circuit Trainer

Why Choose Me?

As a qualified personal trainer & sports coach, my whole focus is dedicated to providing coaching, advice and knowledge to everyone around me. I have a real energy to provide people with sustainable, fit and healthy lifestyles. I have a keen interest in both strength and cardiovascular training, combining the two to allow an effective combination for weight loss, muscular gain, body toning and all round healthy transformations! My main goal is for my clients to become body confident and to be able to walk into the gym with a positive mind set, with the ability to train independently with the correct technique and training methods specific to their goal.

In my eyes people attend the gym to maintain/gain a good body image alongside gaining fitness and a healthy lifestyle. This in turn makes you feel good about yourself. Are you serious about making a change to your body? I can make it happen but you’ve got to be willing to put the time and effort in.

You’ve got to want it- All I ask is that you let ME help YOU make the changes to YOUR body through a bespoke training plan tailored to YOUR GOAL!


Fat Loss
Lean Muscle Build
Body Transformations